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Bio Sem Mock Research Paper Essay

Conceptual: If one was to attempt to develop corals so as to develop a harmed reef, what might be the best, snappy approach to do it? Coral reefs are continually confronting difficulties from common and unnatural destructors, making the level of reefs reduce. Coral reefs have their own, normal, methods of modifying however now and again, things should be encouraged along so as to reestablish the biological system. With the end goal for coral to develop, particularly in bondage, there must be appropriate degrees of everything. Regardless of whether it be, calcium levels, pH levels, or even salt levels, everything must be great, and if there are any awkward nature, it could bring about demolition to the hostage coral populace. The outcomes found from the examination propose that corals presented to zooxanthellae with legitimate sustenance and substance levels in the water became the quickest and most advantageous. Presentation: Ever since I was close to nothing, I was entranced with everything to do with marine life and I can thank my dad for acquainting me with the complexities of the submerged world. Corals particularly grab my eye since they are not just plants, they are flourishing animals with, what is by all accounts, personalities of their own. The way that every species have their own particular specialties, for example, having the option to gather food without anyone else, secure themselves with synthetic concoctions, and proceed onward their own is simply astonishing to me. My enthusiasm for coral reefs has driven me to need to find out more and possibly some time or another assistance secure this staple in submerged biological systems. My enthusiasm for keeping up coral reefs has driven me to the inquiry, how can one develop corals and additionally reestablish harmed corals in a shut situation to the point of being developed and solid enough be put again into the sea in the quickest measure of time conceivable? Materials and Methods: Pioneer corals were utilized in the examination since while reestablishing a coral reef, pioneer corals must start things out so as to make a reason for different corals to develop off of. Diverse aquariums housed the coral, each with various varieties of the synthetic concoctions required. There was a steady factor aquarium that contained water generally like that of the ocean’s and the others had varieties, for example, sequential pH levels, included supplements, and various measures of daylight. Results: Conversation: It was discovered that one of the significant elements of a sound creating coral is the holding of a photosynthetic dinoflagellate called zooxanthellae. This builds up a coating in the coral’s cells that helps produce a lot of it’s carbon vitality needs. Affirmations: Writing Cited: Jaap. Coral reef reclamation. Florida Marine Research Institute and Lithophyte Research. Biological designing 15 345-364. Elsevier. 10 March 2000.

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Viral Marketing free essay sample

The formation of advances, for example, PVRs, satellite radio and Internet advertisement blocking programming are driving a basic move in the manner general society expends media and the promoting regularly attached to it. TV advertisements, radio spots, online promotions and even messages are confronting expanding rivalry for adequately catching the viewer’s consideration and give positive ROI to the advertiser. This opposition, combined with the increasing expense of media purchases, has made advertisers look for an elective way to arrive at the client. Viral showcasing is an appealing arrangement since it uses the free underwriting of the individual as opposed to acquisition of broad communications to get the message out. Since the dissemination model is free, popular can possibly be lower cost and more viable than conventional media. the viral impact More than 90% of purchasers said they educated at any rate one other individual regarding a Web webpage when the first suggestion originated from a companion, as per Jupiter Research. We will compose a custom paper test on Viral Marketing or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page viral showcasing focal points 1. Slices through the messiness of conventional publicizing, permitting advertisers to adequately contact the crowd. 2. Doesn’t require an item with a wow factor so as to bring issues to light, create buzz, and launch distributed spread. Rather, the viral campaign’s correspondence specialist is the component that needs a wow factor or component of intrigue. 2. Not at all like conventional promoting viral isn't an interruptive procedure. Rather, popular battles work the Internet to convey introduction by means of shared underwriting. Viral crusades, regardless of whether eventually preferred or hated, are frequently invited by the beneficiary. The attention is on battles with material that purchasers need to invest energy interfacing with and spreading proactively. iral promoting inconveniences Viral advertising, similar to all showcasing is all in or all out. Be that as it may, viral showcasing ordinarily is frequently more dangerous or questionable than conventional promoting. Whenever done inappropriately popular promoting can reverse discharge and make negative buzz. Â ©2008 MindCome t Corporation

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Marijuana Argumentative Essays

Marijuana Argumentative EssaysStudents write marijuana argumentative essays to explore different types of issues about marijuana. Marijuana has been a topic for many years. Students write to get their point across and provide some history of the drug.The most common topics include drug-use, scientific knowledge, and a persuasive essay. Some students find writing the persuasive essay to be quite difficult. They often find that the best ways to learn how to write a persuasive essay is to look at other persuasive essays written by other people. This helps them see how to organize their own essay.Students who use the Internet to help them learn how to write a persuasive essay will often visit sites that contain persuasive essays that other people have written. Students are able to read these persuasive essays and read what the writer is trying to accomplish with the article. Students then can see how to write persuasive essays on a topic.Students who want to write marijuana argumentative essays can search for marijuana argumentative essay topics. These can also be found on websites. Students can browse the pages and read the topics. Reading the articles can help students see what they should include in their own marijuana argumentative essay.Students who need to write a persuasive essay on a subject may want to look into courses that teach students how to write persuasive essays. Students should learn how to organize their thoughts so that they appear in a persuasive style. They should also be able to think logically so that they appear to be giving an argument based on facts.Students should also be able to present their arguments well so that they do not appear to be arguing in a way that is not really necessary. In other words, they should have a good voice and be able to present the points clearly. Students should also have an impressive vocabulary so that they do not look like they are talking gibberish.Students who write persuasive essays should also have good editing skills. They should know how to edit effectively so that they can add more content to the article and make it look better. This can be beneficial for students who want to write persuasive essays because they do not have much time to do research.Students who want to write a persuasive essay on a topic like marijuana should also learn how to use arguments. They should be able to talk about various factors that should make a marijuana argument persuasive. Students should also be able to read other persuasive essays.

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Persuasive Speech About Younger Generation - 840 Words

The Younger Generation Purpose: To give a persuasive speech on whats wrong with the younger generation. Thesis: The younger generation is a product of a highly technological environment. I. Introduction A. Hello Im Phillip Nettles. Today Im here to discuss whats the problem with the young generation today. B. You see it all the time and all around you. People can not put the technology down. While walking, driving, waiting, exercising Post-Millenials are glued to technology. They have cell phones and smart-watches. These devices constantly†¦show more content†¦II. Body A. How are we addicted to this online world? 1. Being unable to take a break. a. Have you ever told yourself that you needed to take a break from the internet because its interfering with you setting goals. Teachers across the United States find themselves trying to keep theirs students attention. Students rather turn away from the lesson plan and put their faces into their cell phones. A study by the International Journal of Neuropsychiatric Medicine claims that one in eight Americans are addicted to some sort of online activity. This mean that teenage online addiction might be closer to four in eight people. Many experts and doctors have diagnosed these symptoms as technology addiction. Defined technology addiction is an uncontrollable overuse of technological devices, including smart phones, computers, and gaming systems. With technology evolving so much, its hard for anyone not to be addicted. Take cellphones for instance, before in the 1990s and early 2000s they were basically used for making phone calls. Now people rather text each other on cell phones than call. A cell phone is just like a computer, you can play games and go shopping online. You can browse the internet and gamble. Then theres the many social media apps and dating sites. From Facebook to Snap Chat our cell phones constantly battle for our attention.Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Nancy Reagan s Just Say No 955 Words   |  4 Pagesrecently read and analyzed a speech given by Nancy Reagan entitled â€Å"Just Say No†. In the late 1980s, around the time that Nancy Reagan gave her speech the U.S was facing a major drug problem. During that time a new drug, cocaine, was recently introduced. Because this new drug was cheap and addictive, youth drug addictions became a major problem. As a result of the drug problems many people spoke out against it, one of these individuals was Nancy Reagan in her Just Say No Speech (Decades of Drug Use:Read MorePersuasive Speech895 Words   |  4 PagesTo be Persuasive we must be Believable An American literary theorist and novelist, Kenneth Burke, once said, â€Å"Wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric, and wherever there is rhetoric, there is meaning.† (Burke) Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer all delivered powerful persuasive speeches that will go down in history. The use of these motivational individuals’ language and persuasion played a pivotal role within the civil rights movement, the movement that achieved theRead MoreThe Inaugural Address Of John F. Kennedy1441 Words   |  6 Pages1960s was an important time period during American history. The speech was said to motivate Americans and unite them to successfully create a powerful government. In a time of desperation, the actions that the United States government would take to help come out successful was very important for the countries future. In John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Address, he used ethos, pathos and logos, to grab the audience’s full att ention about the worries of communism and nuclear warfare. Historical BackgroundRead MoreTheme Of Martin Luther King And Obamas Speech1405 Words   |  6 Pages The Progressive Theme of Martin Luther King’s and Obama’s Speeches President Obama’s victory speech and Martine Luther King’s speech are two of the most famous discourses that everybody is discussing today, which they delivered 50 years apart. Both are representation of racial progression, which starts from the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement to the election of the first black president in the American history. Both speeches are a symbol of hope and a new start of the upcoming changesRead MoreThe Inaugural Address Of John F. Kennedy1654 Words   |  7 Pages1960s was an important time period during American history. The speech was said to motivate Americans and unite them to successfully create a powerful government. In a time of desperation, the actions that the United States government would take to help come out successful was very important for the countries future. In John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Address, he used ethos, pathos and logos, to grab the audience’s full attention about the worries of communism and nuclear warfare. Historical BackgroundRead MorePrime Minister and Gandhi1014 Words   |  5 PagesAnalyzing the speech ‘What Educated Women Can Do’ by Indira Gandhi, published in the Selected Speeches and Writings of Indira Gandhi from September 1972 to March 1977 ( 2011) stresses on the importance of women’s education and their neglect not only in India but around the whole world. In this speech, Gandhi provides many strong stances on women’s education. Gandhi discusses its culture and superstitions and how women in India have been oppressed of proper/formal education. She alsoRead MoreRhetoric And Its Impact On The Modern Electronic Age1734 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as Andrea Lunsford have described this emerging â€Å"New Literacy† as an increase of power of rhetoric through technology in modern generations. Another major philopsher Lawrence Perlli believes that the future of rhetoric is influenced by the rhetoric of display. The electronic age has shaped the future of rhetoric by encouraging writing among the newer generations who are more technically inclined. Andrea Lunsford states that we are experiencing a â€Å"new literacy† as technology encourages studentsRead MoreThe Effects Of Modern Media On Us1046 Words   |  5 Pagesin 9/11, we can’t help but mourn. We never notice how the small things in life could influence us in big ways. We never would notice that things like modern media, such as television, ads, and the internet would impact us in ways we never thought about. Modern media affects us not only on how we think, but it also has a part in what we do. Media is all around us; it is part of our everyday lives. Whether we are at school, work, doctors’ appointments, media is everywhere we go. Somehow in one pointRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Ltz And Conwell Speech1739 Words   |  7 Pagesand Conwell William Lutz and Russell Conwell are the two rhetoric speakers I have chosen. Conwell, a very intelligent, religious, and ambitious man, wrote a remarkable speech and read it thousands of times to thousands of people. Raising thousands of dollars, he used that money to build Temple University. With such a compelling speech, he encountered many people who enjoyed his work and his words are still remembered to this day. Conwell connects with audience on an emotional level, he almost befriendsRead MoreNew Dell Sonicpoint Series Enhances Wireless Network Security Solution994 Words   |  4 Pageswith the increase in wireless devices is the use of bandwidth intensive applications including video and voice, HD multimedia and cloud and mobile apps.† This is a strong approach to the audience with an authoritative voice. The tone gives us an idea about the writer’s knowledge on Network Security Systems and Solutions. The section is very informative with specific words that clear ly points out the features benefitted by their new product. Here’s a sections that explains the aspects of Wireless Devices

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David Cole Jewish Holocaust Revisionist and Different Questions Free Essay Example, 1500 words

The first question of Cole is related to the information disseminated by the tour guide regarding the different issues in the building referred to as the gas chamber. This is the main reason for the interview with Dr. Piper, to be able to verify the validity of the information given during the tour. Cole s video tackled one of the most important points presented related to the Holocaust which is the presence of the gas chamber at the Auschwitz Main Camp as part of the Final Solution (Cole; Cole and Smith). The first question of Cole is related to the information disseminated by the tour guide regarding the different issues in the building referred to as the gas chamber. This is the main reason for the interview with Dr. Piper, to be able to verify the validity of the information given during the tour. Cole s video tackled one of the most important points presented related to the Holocaust which is the presence of the gas chamber at the Auschwitz Main Camp as part of the Final Solution (Cole; Cole and Smith). We will write a custom essay sample on David Cole: Jewish Holocaust Revisionist and Different Questions or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Piper, he indicated that the original walls were intact and that the significant staining in the delousing was caused by the higher activity there. This became a huge question for Cole since according to the presented evidence that there were continuous killings in the gas chambers day and night.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby - 944 Words

423169 Prompt #4 No Comments Lim [f (x)] - 0 = ∞ ... The Limit as X Approaches Infinity Humans continually search for success. This success surfaces in forms such as fortune, fame, glory, et cetera. The American Dream encapsulates the ideals of the â€Å"New World,† bringing together not only the idea of limitless success, but also its newfound availability and encouragement for embracing the promise land. The Great Gatsby explores the American Dream and â€Å"the actual nature of this dream... the manner in which people try to achieve it, as well as the moral implications their actions bring† (Smiljanić, 2). Through The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals the truth of the American Dream by showing that it incorporates the drive for prosperity as well as the actual prosperity itself, but ultimately, the class distinctions amongst Americans, and the never ending search for fulfillment, prevent the dream from being achieved. Fitzgerald’s character, Jay Gatsby, embodies the essence of the American Dream. This manifests through his determina tion for opulence, and in addition his material items which prove his precise accomplishments. Gatsby works tirelessly to transform himself from James Gatz, â€Å"a penniless young man without a past† and â€Å"no comfortable family standing behind him,† into the perfect â€Å"platonic conception of himself† (Fitzgerald: 149, 98). The American Dream encompasses the notion that through hard work, there is an â€Å"opportunity for prosperity and success,Show MoreRelatedF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby974 Words   |  4 PagesPoverty in the Valley of Ashes: The Great Gatsby â€Å"This is a valley of ashes- a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and raising smoke and finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air† (Fitzgerald 26). In the novel, â€Å"The Great Gatsby,† the author F. Scott Fitzgerald, mainly depicted lives of the rich and their luxuries but also showed theRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1289 Words   |  6 Pages and many people realized their own version of the American Dream during this period. The American Dream is one that many people want to achieve. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates his true feelings about the American Dream in his classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Many characters in this story, such as Daisy and Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and Jordan Baker, found riches and happiness in materialistic things and people throughout this novel. This is the stereotypical American Dream that is associatedRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1265 Words   |  6 PagesJay Gatsby and His Undying Love for Daisy Buchanan F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in the midst of the roaring twenties, which was an age full of wealth, parties, and romance. Young people living in the 1920s were centered around wanting to find love so Fitzgerald, along with many other authors during this time period, focused his writing in The Great Gatsby on relationships and affection. Jay Gatsby, one of the main characters in the novel, is a very mysterious man, but there is oneRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1845 Words   |  8 Pages â€Å"You don’t write to say something, you write because you have something to say.† F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most remarkable writers of all time during the Jazz Age. He started to reach an accomplishment of success with This Side of Paradise and accomplished it with The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels take place back in the early 1900’s; he attempts to communicate knowledge to the elocutionist, in a sophisticated, but humorous way, that making it big is not uncomplicated. FurthermoreRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1720 Words   |  7 Pagesdriving force of evolution in humanity. It allows the aspiration of being able to do astonishing things, and proffers them prosperity in life. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald delves into the American Dream and it’s demise. Fitzgerald focuses on the character of Jay Gatsby to materialize the false image that the American Dream created in the 1920’s. Gatsby is th e protagonist of the novel, and is famous for throwing massive parties regardless of the secret life that he lives. The narrator, Nick CarrawayRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1202 Words   |  5 PagesJay Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald is an acclaimed American author, popularly recognized for his novel The Great Gatsby. In addition to his literary work, Fitzgerald is noted for his unstable personal life. Originally coming from a low-income background, he could not marry the woman that he first loved. Even when he met another woman, he had to acquire wealth to marry her; this drove him to publish his first novel. He married her shortly after. However, a couple years after, heRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1258 Words   |  6 Pages What Killed Gatsby? Love or Greed? To certain people, Gatsby’s death was a cruel and surprising conclusion to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. But there is still some mystery around the cause of Gatsby’s death. Upon meeting Gatsby for the first time, one can tell that he has an obsession centered around Daisy Buchanan, his old love, and was dead set on getting her back. Gatsby’s obsession with repeating the past is responsible for his death and Gatsby’s greed put him in a grave. FurtherRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1761 Words   |  8 Pagescould be the main focus of people who are going out on their own to create a family. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald took a different route in his most famous novel. Fitzgerald uses his book, The Great Gatsby, to show how the idea of the American Dream is slowly dying in the society he created. Although the American Dream was prevalent during the time The Great Gatsby took place in, F. Scott Fitzgerald went against the social norm of believing in this idea and revolved his novel around the idea ofRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1381 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby portrays characterization corresponding with characters’ birthplaces, desires, and determination in order to devise their statuses. The narrator, Nick Carraway, is disparate from others due to the place he grew up which is exemplified when he moves to New York from the Midwest. Tom Buchanan satisfies his desire for love by having women in his life as well as his wife Daisy. Jay Gatsby and Daisy BuchananRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1894 Words   |  8 Pageslife. In the case of F. Scott Fitzgerald, this statement could not be truer. In fact, much of Fitzgerald’s most famous work feature plots that closely parallel events from his life (Lathbury 10). For example, his novel This Side of Paradise includes a young man who is rejected by the love of his life on the grounds of his social status. Zelda similarly rejected Fitzgerald for his social status at first. In comparison, it is not surprising that Fitzgeral d’s story The Great Gatsby takes place in the

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Employee Resourcing Mental Health and Working Condition

Question: Define flexible working within the legislative framework within the EU. Critically discuss the implications, both legally and with regards to good practice, when recruiting staff to work flexibly. You should use examples to support your answer. Critically evaluate the impact of the flexible working hours upon the organization (Sysdoc Group) and its employees performance. You should use examples to support your answer. Draw conclusions and make any relevant recommendations that may be of benefit to Sysdoc Group and to employers considering implementing similar flexible working practices. Answer: In recent times, the importance of flexible working conditions and freedom of employees has increased. In the current business environment, employees want to work for the companies that focused on flexible working environment. The legislative framework in Europe and in several other parts of the world, supports flexible working environment. There are various large corporations in Europe that have already adopted the approach of flexible working environment. The focus on flexible working environment provides a platform where employees can work with high productivity level towards organization goals and objectives (Eikhof, 2016). It is important that the organizations should work under the legal guidelines set by the government of that country. The government of countries in European nations has focused to create a culture where employees are treated with fairness and equity. It would be correct to stay that the focus on flexible working environment is not only a good practice but also a mandate for organizations. The government may not set the conditions for flexible working environment explicitly. However, the government ensures that the corporations can exhibit high standards of flexible working environment (Dancaster, 2014). The Sysdoc group has been able to attain a good growth rate in the market as it has got the support from talented employees. The company has always recruited the best talent from the market and has developed an internal culture where employees feel motivated. One of the drivers of employee motivation is the focus on flexible working environment and conditions. The management is committed to provide best-working conditions to employees and the management ensures that there is discrepancy among employees. The employees who are in need of flexible working like pregnant mothers, single fathers, etc. can apply from flexible working framework in the UK. It would depend on the organization and it strategies to approve the same and likewise the d ecision to approve, the number of flexible working days in a year would vary based on the organization. However, there are certain basic guidelines that should be followed, for example: The employee should be competent and he or she should have the ability to work as an individual contributor The employee must request the flexibility working through formal human resource challenges. Generally, Human Resource people would require 3 months to revert on the application The employees should request the flexibility working once a year. This is not a fixed guideline but employers appreciate if employees do not make this as habit. The focus on flexibility and flexible working conditions has positive impact on the employees and the organizations. The internal working conditions of the organizations directly impact the performance of employees. Therefore, it is important that the organizations should focus to create a culture where employees can get flexibility Dierkes, M., et al (2003) indicated that organizational learning is more than individual knowledge. What more is done other than training to ensure organizational learning produces expected outcomes? Dierkes, M., et al (2003) highlighted companies such as IKEA and a banker who stated, "this is the way we do things in this bank" which imply that the knowledge must be integrated into the organization to transcend employees that may be appointed at intervals.It is said that an organization needs to comprehend the knowledge it possesses in order to know what it needs to learn, therefore organizational learning should use the competences of workers in the organization and outsource when the need arise. Internal knowledge should be maximized if it is relevant to the decision to be taken or the strategy that needs to be implemented. The focus on flexible working environment enables organizations to preserve the knowledge within the organization. The focus on flexible working environment also enables organizations to emerge as a learning organization. It is stated that there is a difference between the learning organization and organizational learning. Both forms of learning contribute to performance of employees however, the learning organization is said to have continuous improvement as its foundation while organizational learning deals mainly with interaction with human nature and the environment (Wang Ahmed, 2002). EU has created several laws again the workplace discrimination. Whilst discrimination can take place surrounding marital status, children, nationality, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, such data is only really supposed to be obtained for monitoring reasons. Anti-discrimination laws have already encouraged the omitting of questions surrounding personal information. Human Rights legislation and EU Directives have established the legislation needs to be adhered to during the recruitment process. Whilst the employer has a need to obtain an idea regarding suitability of the candidate, consideration needs to be placed upon how such suitability can be identified (Burgoon, 2015). Asking specific competency-related questions will provide a clearer idea of the right type of candidate. Asking for personal information will not really contribute towards this. The focus on flexible working environment also enables the organizations to create a true diverse culture. It is true that the young generation shows more flexibility to differences in gender or culture, and is more colorful than the old generation, but the old generation is seen more in executive and decision making positions. Diversity creates new business opportunities, because diversity in culture allows diversity in interest. The case of investing more in customers with specific needs as baby boomers age, certain ailments, and specific cultural celebrations. As a conclusion, diversity must be measured and managed differently from a culture to another, and from country to another. The company, Sysdoc, emerged as a successful company only because it was able to develop an excellent culture for its employees. It is believed that the organization should be given a chance for the experienced employee (old employee) to develop himself and should help them because they will be adding value to the organization and the loyalty for these people will be more than others and new as well and also in some positions the organization may take a decision to hire good behavior people but they are less experienced people. If the organization has plan to generate second and third generation to lead the organization in future you will get the situation that the organization will concentrate in the behavior more than the experience so that they will have the ability to learn faster and gain experience for the future to lead in. Sysdoc is one such organization that has a team of enthusiastic people. The case study mentions that creating a work culture that embraces flexibility, Sys doc has built a committed and enthusiastic team that has delivered well-above-average business results: in 2008/09 the company grew nine times faster than the sector as a whole.It shows that the concept of flexible work hours has had positive impact for the organization. The result was observed in the positive business outcome of the company. For example: The company's performance and the impact of its positive approach to work-life balance have exceeded expectations. Sysdoc was able to develop a learning culture where employees were willing to learn from the experiences of other employees. It would be correct to say that organizational learning gingers changes both in the management level and the employees, without continuous leaning and application adapting to changes will not be viable which will reflect negatively in their financial report and income. Without company strategizing, there will be poor performance and this will lead to low profitability and competitive advantage is not assured (Lucifora, 2013). When there is no knowledge base in an organization strategizing cannot be effective and this will lead to poor performance.The management of Sysdoc was able to realize this fact and as a result it focused to create a knowledge culture in the organization. (Dierkes et al. 2003)highlighted that the proper leadership is necessary to take an active role influencing the process of the organizational learning.In sum, organizational learning requires the properinternal organizational culture to assist in the implementation of re-organized strategy, new strategy or to use the same response used in the past.This was evident at Sysdoc with a strong focus on the flexibility given to employees. For example, the program, Sysdoc way states "commitment to the growth of our people and support of their families". In order to survive in the market the organization has to acquire information from the surrounding or supporting environment to identify threats and opportunities that can either affect survival positively or negatively and use or process thisstimuli or information in ways to ensure survival, sustainability and growth. Sysdoc believes that employees and the customers feedback is the best way to analyze the external environment. Milway Saxton (2011) mentioned that organizational learning is a vital concept for the further development and success of business. Milway Saxton stressed the fact that employees are an integral component of organizational learning. It is said that organizations are in a more complicated context than individuals are in the environment, this is so due to the types of interaction between the organization and individuals and the organization as an entity (Macey, 2013). It is simply true that to grow wider and bigger, and to reach more customers, organization needs to understand population different groups culture, and their emotional drive to purchase specific products or services. Only diversity within the organization can allow flexibility with diverse talents exchange, to sustain business growth. For example, what is acceptable in Canada, maybe destructive to business in UK. Not all countries accept diversity at the same level and with the same understanding (Houkes, 2014). A careful approach to diversity from organization when entering new market is needed, because the concern is not to make a point, but to do successful business with the respect of the external environment and human resources. It would be correct to say that Sysdoc has emerged as a responsible organization with focus on the internal and the external parameters of Corporate Social Responsibility. In relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be successful for example, the importance of planning and awareness regards vision, mission and values becomes paramount towards human resource department. Therefore, it should be incorporated into the business strategy, structure, process, as well as culture (Kotler Lee, 2005). The utmost intensity of CSR attainment would usually need CSR issues to be legitimized as an integral element of corporate identity. The establishment should be transitioned from a target drive culture to a value driven culture that maintains corporate social responsibility (Mullerat, 2011). However, realistically, the organization has to begin with modifying its vision, mission in addition to value statements as this offer an open message mutually to the internal and external stockho lders regarding the companys goals including priorities that consecutively drives performance and behaviors. Therefore, valuing diversity as well as investing in employees is just an example that integrates into such statements. With the above discussion it can be said that Sysdoc has emerged as a responsible employer, which has established an internal culture where employees have a feeling of self-belongingness. At Systdoc, the employees are able to match their goals and objectives with organizational goals and objectives. It has created a positive vibe among the employee and employees are able to contribute to there fullest (Herod, 2014). This is evident from the fact that there have been minimal sick leaves in the organization. It is recommended that Sysdoc should continue on the same path to manage its internal resources. The management of Ssydoc realized that employees are their biggest assets and therefore, effort was made to improve the work life balance of employees. The employees are free to cut short their working hours if they have a family problem. It is recommended that the company should continue to invest in its human resources. With the investment of people, the company should be able to incr ease the overall productivity. It is recommended that Sysdoc should also launch few training and development programs. The terainig and development programs should be based on the feedback of employees. The management should also arrange few informal events in the company where employees can share their experiences and different employees can learn from the experiences of other employees. References Cottini, E., Lucifora, C. (2013). Mental health and working conditions in Europe.Industrial Labor Relations Review,66(4), 958-988. Dancaster, L. (2014). Work-life balance and the legal right to request flexible working arrangements.South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences,9(2), 175-186. Dierkes, M., Berthoin Antal, A., Child, J. Nonaka, I., eds. (2003)Handbook of organizational learning and knowledge. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Eikhof, D. R. (2016). Knowledge Work and Flexible Working: Helping or Hindering Working Women?. InHandbook on Well-Being of Working Women(pp. 361-374). Springer Netherlands. Galea, C., Houkes, I., De Rijk, A. (2014). 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